About Us

Farmers Avenue is an online agricultural platformfarmersavenue.com that aims to highlight and enlighten existing and aspiring farmers with informative and educative content on farming practices and skills as well as value addition and innovative ideas on food sustainability.


We aim to provide our readers with relatable and easy to understand information that will be beneficial to their farming journey as beginners and as a continuous improvement for existing farmers.


In this digital world, we want to provide access to relevant information and research, new techniques, technology, market trends as well as possible solutions to challenges faced in agribusiness.


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We are strong advocates for women and youth empowerment and our aim is to empower young men and women to take risks and create self-sustainability through agribusiness.



We envision a world where there is a great uptake of agribusiness by youth and women leading to a significant reduction of unemployment, food security, and end of poverty.


In case of any queries, please contact us on:

Email: mail@farmersavenue.com