Digital Marketing secrets for your farm

Digital marketing secrets for your farm

Digital marketing secrets for your farm



Marketing has forever been a fluid concept. Ever changing, we are now in the age of digital marketing.  What is surprising however, is how slowly farmers have been in taking up and exploiting the digital space. The thing is, in order for any business to succeed, you need customers. You need to interact with the people with whom you will be selling your product to.

When you are a farmer, your product is your farm produce; your customer base is anyone you can get to see your produce. In this day of digital media that is virtually free, reaching your potential customer has literally never been easier; allow us to tell you how.

  1. Social Media

Ever since the invention of social media, it has been easier for farmers to put their produce out there. It is a lot easier to reach a larger number of potential customers than ever before. It is also easier to put a face to the produce; it stops being just another product of a nameless farmer. People get to associate you with a product, see how much dedication you put in it and identify with you. They feel like they are involved in the growth, especially if you can document the different steps to maturity. This way, when you use social media to market the harvested produce, they feel a certain loyalty to you.

  1. E-Commerce Website

When you are a large enough enterprise, you can create your own e-commerce website, where you can sell your produce through. However, most of the farmers out there have not reached that level of production. Instead of wasting valuable resources creating an e-commerce website that you will rarely ever use, you can take advantage of already existing platforms to sell your products.

Platforms like OLX and Mkulima Young’s MYSOKO can help you find market for your products. They are already established, with a relatively large following. This means that at any one time, you are exposed to a large potential market.

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  1. Paid Advertising

Should you decide to take your entire business online however, it is prudent to note that competition for search engine visibility is intense. One of the most measurable methods of raising your visibility is paid advertising. It also has the benefit of being targeted to a specific audience. This means that your chances of converting the paid digital advertising into sales, increases. The easiest methods of accessing paid advertising are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords. It is important however to make sure your ad content and your captions are tailored to speak to the customer.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is different from traditional marketing in that you only pay when it generates an action from your customer. This action will most likely be a purchase or a request for a quote. It is therefore cost-effective, since you only pay for what has been achieved. Since more and more companies are resulting to affiliate marketing, it is proof that it works.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Another digital marketing secret for your farm is the use of pictures. This strategy cannot be understated. Most people online are attracted by visuals, as evidenced by the rapid growth of the picture sharing site Instagram. When someone sees an eye-catching photo of your product, their curiosity will most likely be aroused. The photo should be accompanied by a link to make sure they are led to your produce. It is therefore prudent that you engage the services of a professional photographer. If you cannot afford a professional photographer at the moment, you can get yourself a really good camera as a start.


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