Is It Worth To Rely On Drip Irrigation For Home Garden?

Irrigation for Home Garden

Irrigation for Home Garden

The sight of a beautiful garden is enough to make a home endearing. Little wonder many people invest so much time, money and efforts into gardening. But achieving that picture-perfect garden you have always dreamed of doesn’t exactly come easy. You’ll need to devote adequate time and attention to the cause; trimming, pruning, weeding and of course, watering to ensure your garden never loses its luster. Technology has helped a great deal in easing this task with the development of novel solutions that would improve your gardening efficiency. One of those developments is the drip irrigation for a home garden.

What is a drip irrigation system?

Watering your beautiful plants may just be the hardest part of gardening. Apply too much water and you’ll be flooding your garden. Apply too little and you can watch your plants lose their color to the sun. Click To TweetPerhaps, what makes the task more difficult is that there is hardly a standard for just right. It’s hard to know the amount of water that would be just enough to make your plants flourish without causing them harm. But, what if there is a system that can help you determine this amount and deliver the right quantity at the right time? A drip irrigation system is capable of achieving just this.

A drip irrigation system is a specially designed watering system that supplies a controlled amount of water to crops over specified time intervals. They may be referred to as trickle or micro irrigation systems. Unlike traditional sprinkler systems, you can achieve perfect control over the amount of water your plants receive. This makes them many times more efficient. In a time where the world’s water resources are under significant threat, this may just be the best, environmental-friendly solution for watering your home garden.

How do drip systems work?

A drip irrigation system employs a network of tubing that delivers water directly to the roots of your plants. The system is further equipped with emitters of various sizes that are specially selected based on the size of the plants. This controls the amount of water that would be released to plants. It ensures that the plants that need more water get more, and the plants that need less get less.

Taking the drip irrigation systems a notch higher

The evolution of smart technologies has not left your home garden behind. You can achieve even more with a drip irrigation system by optimizing it to give you a smart garden. With a smart irrigation controller, you can automate every step involved in the irrigation of your garden. There is a sensor that helps the system detect whether the water in your garden is at the appropriate saturation level. There is also a timer that automatically triggers the irrigation system to water or stop watering your garden. All you need do is install the system and provide a water source. Some smart systems also have features that help you quantify the amount of water and money you are saving by making use of them. This information is provided on your smartphone and it gives you a clearer idea of how much you are saving by investing in a smart garden.

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Drip irrigation system over traditional sprinkler

  • More efficient water use: There have been concerns over the world’s water consumption and how our water bodies may be under threat because of the excessive volumes of water we use. Most of the water delivered via sprinklers is lost to either evaporation or runoff. A smart irrigation system saves a lot of water as it delivers the exact amount of water needed by the plant, when they need it and where they need it. With this system, you can be sure you are not contributing to the world’s wastage problem.
  • Reduces the risk of flooding, drought or disease

With traditional sprinkler systems, it’s easy to flood your plants and consequently, kill them. This is because such system sprays water evenly on all the plants in your garden and does not take the varying water needs of different plants into account. With a smart irrigation controller, you would be delivering the specific quantity of water needed by each plant. Furthermore, there are some plant diseases that occur due to the moisture on the surface of the leaves. By delivering the water needs of your plants directly to their roots, you’ll be protecting your garden from such.

  • Saves cost

While you may think that a smart garden is expensive to set up, factoring the long-term costs proves this is untrue. A smart irrigations system uses water 25% more efficiently than traditional sprinkler systems. Calculating the amount the system would save in the long makes it easy to conclude that the initial investment is more than worth it.

  • Reduces the chances of weed growth

A smart irrigation system ensures that the rows between the plants in your garden are kept dry and the water supplied to your plants is just enough to make them flourish. Ultimately, weeds are starved of water and their growth would be severely hampered. This only means one thing- you’ll be spending less time and energy on weeding your garden.

If you do not have a smart irrigation system installed in your home garden already, you really should start thinking about one. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of money, water, time and stress. Perhaps, more importantly, the plants in your garden would be treated to the best life and you can easily achieve that picture-perfect, luster garden you have always dreamed of.

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