6 Things To Know Before Starting Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

A lot of people who engage in poultry farming in Kenya do it for domestic consumption on a small scale. More farmers are now practicing this type of farming in large scale so they can enjoy good returns.

Most poultry farmers prefer to either engage in broilers or layers.

Here are the things you need to know before starting poultry farming:

  1. Research

Carry our proper research on the type of poultry you want to rear. Having the right information is crucial for vaccines, preventing & fighting diseases, parasite control, proper feeds, housing etc.

  1. Proper planning

Prepare a good business plan for your business. This includes all costs, marketing plans, and profit projections. If you plan on starting small, you will need less capital. The capital investment will depend on the size of your venture. Plan accordingly to prevent any mishaps in the future.

  1. Keep proper records

In order to see the progress and profitability of your farm, treat your poultry farm as a business. Keep proper records and be diligent. Know what comes in and what goes out and for what.  Here is a great article on why it is Important to Keep Records for your Farm that you may find useful. Keep vaccination and medication records well updated too and easily available. These are useful for the vets and farmhands.

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  1. Land and Housing

Again, depending on the size of your poultry farm, get enough land to cater for the birds and set up the housing structures. Ensure there is enough room for them to move around easily and that the housing is well ventilated.  Land may be expensive to buy but there are other options like using family land, using your backyard for small-scale and leasing land. You can always start small and scale up as things progress.

  1. Equipment & Labor

Make sure that you have the proper equipment to maintain & repair the housing structures and to keep them clean. Hygiene should be a high priority so as to prevent parasites & diseases in your birds. Other equipment you need are feeders, drinkers, special lighting etc. You also need enough manpower to take care of the birds. This includes feeding, cleaning, and slaughtering & packing.

  1. Market

Look for market before the birds mature or the eggs are laid. This ensures that there are no losses from breakages of eggs, or even over maturing of the birds. Besides the local markets, some of the markets available are schools, big hotels, and even the international markets. Read this great article on Digital Marketing Tips for your produce here.

In conclusion, whether you decide to start small or go large scale, keep the points above in mind. They will act as a guide in your business journey. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you feel the need. Seek professional help from consultants or veterinaries and keep your poulty farm afloat and profitable.

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    Like what you are doing guys. providing farmers with good information in farming. That’s what we need to fight poverty in our country.

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